Holmies: The Bizarre Community Dedicated To Alleged Batman Cinema Killer James Holmes

The cult of celebrity around serial killers is nothing new – take a look at the obsessive fandom surrounding the ‘Clown killer’ John Wayne Gacy, for example, and you will get our drift. Some people are fascinated with the psychology that drives a person to commit multiple murders, and even more so if there is […]

The Modern Ritual

This is The Modern Ritual. It's what we do. It's who we are. It's everything we engage with. It's our identity, and our reflection. It's our voice, our eyes, our ears and our heart. It's our definitions, our abstractions, our ways of understanding. It's our practices, our beliefs, our trivialities and our ironies. It's the human condition. It's an operation. It's a mode. It's our dream. It's inescapable, yet it's infinitely observable. We invite you to witness it with us.

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How To Lucid Dream – Delving Deeper Into Your Inner Realm

In an age where science has mapped out a sizeable portion of human experience, our inner world remains very much a mystery. What do our dreams mean? Are they important signals relating to our deepest fears, insecurities, joys and pleasures? Or are they simply a result of differing brain waves experienced during sleep? The Modern […]

Texas Death Row

The Chilling Last Words Of Offenders Executed In Texas

Capital punishment is always a contentious political issue, but for offenders on death row, facing their impending demise at the hands of the state, their final minutes are about as far from politics as you can get. In this chilling series – Lasting Statement – Andy Smith, with design help from Timoni West, show case a collection […]


Amazing Photos Based On Artist’s Dreams

For the past 7 years photographer Ronan Goldman has been creating photos based his dreams for this series called “The Surrealistic Pillow” project. With every possible image on earth being Tweeted, Instagrammed and Facebooked ad nausem, maybe the human psyche is the final visual frontier! You can check out (and buy!) more of his amazing […]


These Creepy Robots Will Eventually Kill Us All

We all know that robots will eventually kill us all. But robotic engineers aren’t content with the knowledge that their work will ultimately being about the end of our species – no, they have to send wet, slithery shivers up our spine for the remainder of our years with some truly creepy mechanical specimens. First […]

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