Why you think the latest Daft Punk sucks

Here are the reasons why you don’t like the new Daft Punk album.

In general terms, and we will be brutal here, you have a fairly short attention span. Why this is, can be a result of many factors.

It could be a result of growing up in the iPod generation, where you didn’t get to experience the beauty of sitting down with a new album and letting it soak across you for a number of days. You are used to tracks giving instant gratification within 30 seconds, lest you hit the ‘next track’ button, like a reverse version of Pavlov’s dog, operating your own pleasure feed.

This shows you have become acclimatised to the phenomenon of the ‘drop’. Like a heroin junkie, holding out for the fix, when the endorphins kick in and you allow yourself to release into the maximum energy kick that dance music provides.

With Daft Punk’s latest album, Random Access Memories, you will not find a ‘drop’ in its 71 minute running time. We have the sneaking suspicion this has been done on purpose.

You see, Daft Punk, as much as you like to view them as gods of the EDM scene, are incredible forward thinkers. They were forward thinkers back in 1997, which is why they procured their seminal album, ‘Homework’. When that album was released, people didn’t know what to make of it then, either. But they knew it was good.

The problem is, now, that we have an expectation of what is ‘good’ before we are even exposed to it. We want the drop, quickly, so we can pump our fists and drink our beers, and engage party mode with a minimum of time investment. Daft Punk know this. They know dance audiences intimately. They have been doing this shit for nearly two decades.

What Daft Punk want to do with this latest album, is draw you back to the time when they were inspired. They want to show you the world that formed their inspiration. This album is intentionally relatively slow, emotional and diverse. They don’t want to give you the driving, simple fun of ‘One More Time’ anymore, because they know that instant gratification is now inherently soulless.

Daft Punk have maintained a narrative of human vs machine for their entire tenure. They have seen, in this age, that technology has taken precedent over emotion in music. As a result, they have intentionally gone back to the soft touch of human instrumentation and arrangement. The songs on this new album are deliberately gentle and human. This is because they want to illustrate that magic in music is not delivered from rises and falls, but from the emotional intention that an artist delivers.

With this new album, Daft Punk want you to settle down and relax. As music pioneers, they know what they are doing. They see trends rise and fall, and as forward thinkers, they know where they want to take listeners. Daft Punk want you to stop being so manic, and actually soak in what is going on. Take time to smell the roses.

The choice of compositions such as ‘Touch’, are invitations for the listener to drop their preconceived ideas of what dance music should be, and get lost in worlds of artistic creation. This song, featuring legendary 70’s song writer Paul Williams, harks back to a time in music when atmosphere and emotion were more important than gimmickry and quick fix transitions. This track is the dance music equivalent of The Beatles ‘Day In The Life’. If you let yourself settle, you will become immersed in this magic. Daft Punk want you to re-experince magic, not get sucked into the push and pull of EDM dynamics.

“A tourist in a dream. A visitor it seems. A half forgotten song. Where do I belong? Tell me what you see. I need something more.”

These lyrics are not accidental.

If you experience Bro-rage when listening to the latest album, expecting the euphoric kick of Alive 2007 part two, remember that Thomas Bangatler and Guy Manuel De-Homem Christo have spent a tremendous deal of time and energy to create something that they believe is what the dance music scene needs. They have been right before. Maybe, you might want to listen to the album again with the idea that they know what they are doing.

In other words. Relax, bro. Chill.









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