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The importance of the leap of faith

We should all take the time to notice when we are on a precipice. For a precipice is one of the…

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Why ‘Judgement’ isn’t a dirty word

In modern new age and spiritual circles, there is a common agreement that societies that form around the principles of modern spiritualistic ideals…

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Follow YOLO Into A Hollow Sorrow

You’d be hard pressed to find a corner on the internet  that doesn’t have a passing reference to the acronymic phenomenon known…

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Hey asshole! You’re not the centre of the universe

Its easy to engage in the frivolous pastime of forming ill-conceived opinions about complete strangers. We have all indulged in the…

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Identical October 9, 2015 0

Holmies: The Bizarre Community Dedicated To Alleged Batman Cinema Killer James Holmes

The cult of celebrity around serial killers is nothing new – take a look at the obsessive fandom surrounding the ‘Clown…

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Daily Ritual February 15, 2013 0

You Are A Broadcaster

If you have a phone, camera, Facebook account, Twitter profile, blog or YouTube account, you are a broadcaster. The information you…

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