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The Delusion Of Evolution

(Translated from Pakistani) “Over 100 women a year are disfigured in Pakistan – most of the acid attacks are committed by their husbands who are punished for their so called bad behavior.

The victims receive looks of scorn and criticism in the streets. In the Pakistani society, if a woman has a disfigured face, it is automatically assumed they did something wrong.

Sabira Sultana, (Second woman in the top frame) was attacked by her husband for dowry disagreement and that the family should have paid at the time of their marriage, and another women named Shamin Akhtar(she may or may not be present in this picture) from Pakistan who was raped by a gang when she was just 17, was punished for “dishonor” by being attacked with acid.”

We are kidding ourselves if we think we are evolved as a species. Not even an animal sinks this low.

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Jesse Chard: Jesse Chard is a multi-award winning Australian documentary producer and writer, and founder of The Modern Ritual.


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