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The importance of the leap of faith

We should all take the time to notice when we are on a precipice. For a precipice is one of the greatest gifts that can be given to a human being.

A precipice is a way for people to realise when they are at a crossroads. And we are universally given precipices throughout our lives.

A precipice is a way for an individual to take a leap of faith, and this basic truth transcends all religious attitudes towards ‘faith’.

You can have faith in yourself, completely removed from any divine notion of ‘faith’, and still follow through on the concept of faith. Faith and belief, in a human sense, are agnostic in their innate structure.

Faith, humanistically, grants us an allowance to extend from where we are positioned currently. To go into the unknown. An individual can have faith of extension, in a purely human sense, in both their respective body and heart-mind.

These extensions of faith opportunities, are both an immaculate gift, and can be argued as a structured part of the collective unconscious, from the aspect of the human condition that wishes to traverse.

From the aspect of the human condition that wishes to go forward into the unrealised.

This is the alchemising process of the human condition. This, for lack of a better phrase – and to entertain Harry Potter enthusiasts – is the Philosophers Stone.

Or, in a more controversial sense, the unknown, the mysterium is the driving forced behind the collected archetypal god forms that we have imagined, as a species, for scores of millenia.

It is hard to argue against the idea that there are forces beyond our conscious knowledge that drive us.

And these things can be tremendously simple. The need to learn a new skill, the desire to create something new.

I have yet to determine if these forces are genetically structured, spiritually compounded, or just a force of biology. But the empiricism or the science/proof doesn’t really matter.

Philosophically, it can be agreed that there is a deep sense, in every human being, to go beyond what they know and have experienced.

Scientists, and those who practice in religious faiths, can both agree on that.

And, it can be universally argued, that there is great fruit in engaging with this unconscious and unknown aspect of our psyche.

This curiousness, I believe, is what drives us as human beings. This drive propels us forward into new vistas of understanding.

And they all result from being at a precipice. Scientifically. Personally. Spiritually. Existentially. These precipices will take innumerable forms, but they are inarguably ground, and part of our experience.

This seeking is the classic ‘Hero’s Journey’ that around 90 percent of our fictional literature, movies and television series are based on. The notion of extending beyond ourselves, and going into the unknown, to achieve greatness, and in a wider sense, illumination.

To understand beyond the traditional sphere of conventional understanding.

Outside of this understanding, we get bound down in societal politics, in the carnival of blame, shame, fault and cause. But these spheres of political conjecture only drag us down into division and lack of basic awareness.

We all share the same collective mind as human beings, and we need to tap into those deep reservoirs to allow us to truly understand how we operate. To understand each other on a deeper sense. The only thing that divides us is interpretation. And interpretation in itself, can be understood when the internal work is done.

We all, as human beings, with nine or ten holes – depending on sex – four limbs and six sense faculties, all experience basically the same things, the same emotions, feelings, understandings and expressions of basic humanity.

The understanding of this truth IS what is conventionally known as spirituality.

You can stack on as many crystal healings, thoughts of love and light, and any monetizing platform that you like, but this basic kernel of understanding is the seed of the great way. And the knowledge of this kernel usually is, in traditional senses, given free of charge.

I care little for teachings or opinions – politically, spiritually or otherwise – that fail to observe this basic operating fundamental of human nature. And I encourage all to be ware of any ideology or thought system that does not acknowledge these fundamentals.

We are all granted a tool of observation. This process of observation is the body of illumination, the ground of awareness, the state of Buddh (awakening).

All we need to do is see. See what is. Unfettered, unobstructed, and transcending opinion and perspective.

Further from this, and to extend out of our fetters, as humans, we need to traverse – successfully and doing our best to know perspective obstruction – into the unknown, into the void. Into what scares us. Into the shadow, into the dark, into that which we don’t agree with. This is the ground of liberating awareness.

This combination of seeking, and exploring, is an innate nature of the external human condition. It is this driving force that has sent us hurtling into outer space, into a new frontier of physical understanding.

On earth, as humans that forge out of earthly conditions, this seeking, and true exploration of the internal human condition, in realistic and practical ethics, morality, conduct and attitudes, according to most religious traditions, will eventually result in liberation or sublimation.

Sages, mystics, spiritual leaders, thousands of years ago said what I am saying much better, and more profoundly.

I am only interested in delivering the rough guts. Once the rough guts is understood, it’s up to each individual to act on that innate knowledge of these truths.

We are granted an unbelievable and rare opportunity to understand the universe as a conscious flower. An organism that does not only grow biologically and animistically, but also intellectually and spiritually.

We are all flowers that grow out of the universe. We all take different shapes, colours and configurations. These cosmetic and peripheral influences matter little, upon decent investigation.

We are all variations of the force that propels our universe, and we all are made manifest from the conditions that afford us.

Those conditions, for every human being, are wildly different from a epistemological sense, but all share the same resonance and resource.

We are given the opportunity to understand the universe. To understand how the flower grows.

To understand the dark, shadow depths, and the luminous lights of awareness and illumination.

For illumination, awareness, and to coin a modern expression, ‘mindfulness’, is at its basis, simply light on the shadow. A torch on that which we don’t know.

This opportunity is the greatest blessing we can be given.

Don’t waste it. It’s the best thing you will ever know.

And it all sits on a precipice.

Which way do you fall?

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Jesse Chard: Jesse Chard is a multi-award winning Australian documentary producer and writer, and founder of The Modern Ritual.


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