These Creepy Robots Will Eventually Kill Us All

We all know that robots will eventually kill us all. But robotic engineers aren’t content with the knowledge that their work will ultimately being about the end of our species – no, they have to send wet, slithery shivers up our spine for the remainder of our years with some truly creepy mechanical specimens.

First up, the ‘Mouth Robot’, designed by Hideyuki Sawada from Kagawa University. He designed this utterly bizarre robot that attempts to duplicate the human voice box.

Soon, it will be able to clearly articulate its intention to pulverise our children’s ribcages in over 200 languages.

Next, it seems that there aren’t enough weird and horrible things slithering, sliding and creepething on the earth. So to fill this void, researchers at MIT and Harvard have engineered this absolute abomination that must be destroyed with fire immediately.

This robot assistance bear from Japan will carry your children to bed at night, then, once they are safe and secure, secretly whisper to them in soft tones that resistance is futile.

And finally, we have to admit this realistic robot from the University of West England is impressive – it’s managed to convey emotions on a slightly higher level than Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.


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